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1. Busy

Busy begins your day with your Most Imperative Errand. Making whatever is left of your day simple. Busy won’t occupy you with every one of your undertakings on the double or give you superfluous elements that require some investment to learn or setup. Rather, Occupied puts you on a way to your definitive objective; accomplishing things.

2. Video Zoom

Do your Video look exhausting? Did you neglect to utilize zoom amid recording? Utilize this application to add Zoom impacts to existing videos. On the other hand simply trim a video. Use it as an ordinary application or video Augmentation.

How to use it:

  • Tap video thumbnail to see feature or tap “+” to record new feature.
  • Tap thumbnail again to choose the feature and open proofreader
  • Utilization squeeze/drag motions to add zoom impact to feature. You can do it when feature is playing or stopped
  • Tap “Done” and select “Overwrite” or “Spare As a Duplicate” to begin rendering. Regardless of the fact that you pick “Overwrite” you can return to unique whenever.