Top 10 Exercises for Easily Weight Loss : Workouts


10. Nadi Pranayama or Anulom-Vilom:

Nadi Pranayama or Anulom-Vilom is another common Pranayama which can be done by anyone from a little child to your 80-year old grandma. The most important thing about Anulom-Vilom is that it helps in regulating breathing. The breathing technique is important during all kinds of exercises, especially while doing cardio and yoga. This can affect your weight loss and toning. Breathing exercises forms an important part of Anulom-Vilom.


  • It is good to do your AM cardio workout on an empty stomach. Make sure you stay hydrated all the time! You can use water, infused water, coconut water, whichever you find healthy.
  • If you are doing weight training after your cardio sessions, make sure you grab some protein beforehand like a banana or some almonds.
  • Try doing Abhyanga (self-massage with oil) before your morning workout. It is an Ayurvedic ritual that helps in the removal of toxins and keeps your body moisturized throughout the workout.
  • Since your beauty is as important as your fitness, make sure to apply sunscreen lotion if you are heading outside for a run or biking.

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