Top 10 Exercises for Easily Weight Loss : Workouts


3. Circuit Training:

This is another cardio exercise to burn calories. Biking helps not only to burn calories but also gives effective endurance training to those leg muscles. While running affects mainly your calf muscles and shins, biking works well for the thighs. You can vary your speed between normal and all-out. It helps in building endurance. It is best to go for cycling in the morning to avoid traffic.

It is basically a form of body conditioning that targets strength building and muscle endurance through high intensity aerobics. The idea is to do all the exercises that complete one circuit and then repeat the circuit again, taking time only to sip water between the circuits. There are many circuit examples available in the form of DVDs and YouTube videos. Personally I like doing the Jillian Michaels’ DVD for circuit training, cardio videos of Cassey Ho and the workouts by Bob Harper, all available on YouTube.

Some of my favorite exercises for circuit training are burpees, squat jumps, plank lifts, and hand walks. Circuit training burns 30 percent extra calories than normal workouts. Mornings are the best time to do circuits as you are full of energy to put all of it into the exercise. This will help to burn those calories away.

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