TOP 10 Richest Players in 2012

London, Jun 19th 2012 (PTI)top-10-richest-sportspersons-in-2012-by-heartjohn-com

Boxing champion Floyd Mayweather topped the list with a total earnings of USD 85 million while Fillipino pugilist Manny Pacquiao, with earnings of USD 62 million is in second, and golf legend Tiger Woods, with USD 59.4 million is in third in a row.

While Roger Federer is ranked 5th  and he earnings USD 52.7 millions in the list, David Beckham (8th) and earns USD 46 millions and Cristiano Ronaldo (9th)  and earns USD 42.5 millions. David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo are the two soccer stars who are in the top-10 released by the Forbes magazine.

TOP 10 Moneybags in Sports :

1. Floyd Mayweather (Boxing) (USD 85 million)

2. Manny Pacquiao (Boxing) (USD 62 million)

3. Tiger Woods (Golf) (USD 59.4 million)

4. Lebron James (Basketball) (USD 53 million)

5. Roger Federer (Tennis) (USD 52.7 million)

6. Kobe Bryant (Basketball) (USD 52.3 million)

7. Phil Mickelson (Golf) (USD 47.8 million)

8. David Beckham (Soccer) (USD 46 million)

9. Cristiano Ronaldo (Soccer) (USD 42.5 million)

10. Peyton Manning (American Football) (USD 42.4 million)

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