Amazing Things You Don’t Know About Your iPhone & Android Mobile



Flash camera LED for notifications

Need a calm ready about warnings and would prefer not to use vibrate? Have warnings trigger your telephone’s LED cam streak. Simply verify you turn this off or keep your telephone concealed when you go to the movies.

  • iPhone

Go to Settings>>General>> Accessibility and turn on “LED Flash for Alerts.”  Now every time you get a notice, your telephone’s back cam will streak.

  • Android

Go to Settings>>Accessibility and turn on “Flash notification.”  If your mobile doesn’t have this, attempt an application like Flash Notification 2 from the Google Play store.

Take multiple pictures at once

In case you’re taking pictures of a moving article, squirming child or individuals who have a tendency to squint, you regularly need to take a cluster of pictures on the double.

  • iPhone 5s/5c

Open the Camera application. Tap and hold the shutter release button  on the screen – or press and hold the Volume Up button- and the cam will begin taking numerous pictures. Release the catch when you want to stop.

The iPhone can take up to 10 pictures a second. It will aggregate the photographs for you naturally so you can rapidly discover the best ones.

  • Android

Open the Camera application. Tap the gear symbol to open the settings and turn Burst Shot on. At that point tap and hold the shade release button  and the telephone will take various pictures until you release the button  or it hits as far as possible for your smartphone. The photographs will be assembled for you in your exhibition. In the event that your cam doesn’t have this choice, you can get an outsider cam application like Snap Camera HDR, or sit tight for your telephone to get a redesigned to Android 4.4.