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The Weight Loss Smoothies with protein mix will help to reduce the overweight fast. Protein helps to burn the fat quickly and will increases the metabolic rate in the body. Here are some awesome and tasty protein  smoothies that works against fat formation.

Best Protein Shakes for Quick Weight Loss

Spinach Flax Protein Smoothie

Serves: 1


  • 231 calories
  • 8 g fat
  • 0 g saturated fat
  • 23 g carbs
  • 9 g fiber
  • 11 f sugar
  • 19 g protein

Protein Source: Almond milk, spinach, optional protein powder, flax meal, chia seeds

This is the spinach smoothie for individuals who don’t care for spinach—however need to. Because of the expansion of mango, pineapple and banana, you won’t even taste the verdant green—however despite everything you’ll harvest every last bit of its medical advantages. Truth be told, this beverage serves up 33 percent of the day’s vitamin An a large portion of which originates from the clears out. The expansion of chia seeds and flax gives four grams of satisfying fiber so make sure to keep those in the blend in case you’re hoping to taste however much protein as could be expected.